performative media

Tritriangle aims to present works which engage with the potential of sound, video, language, and other performed, performative, and time-based media—implicating the audience, transcending classification, and challenging traditional aesthetic and conceptual notions. Through these forms, Tritriangle hopes to engage psychology, performativity, mediation, intervention, and spatialization. We believe the experience of those who attend, engage, learn, enjoy, critique, and emotionally respond to anything that happens at our space, whether during or after, is what our communal efforts produce. In addition to exhibitions and performances, we are looking for and planning collaborative and educational programming in order to encourage discussion and community engagement. We are always looking for new work that we may not be aware of, so don’t hesitate to contact us with your TT-positive proposals.

Tritriangle is in the process of removing itself from Facebook for social and political reasons. Please add yourself to our email list to be sure to stay updated on our events.

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∆∆∆ 2018.03.05 : Two Coin, I’m Your Knife, Mkot Pt, Hanging Lichen

∆∆∆ 2018.03.31 : Gnawed, Body Carve, Cominform, Diaphragmatic, Clotting, Lunar Tomb, History of Leather


Tritriangle is always looking for promising new ideas. Do you have work you’d like to show/actions you want to perform/time based media to manifest/confusion you may or may not sow?

Send email to with any information you think will whet our appetite, or even better send us tasty snacks. We’re particularly fond of cookies, giffy pop3, hampgs, mp3ice screams and other telepresents.