Attention all experiential, transformational, critical media artists:

Tritriangle media/performance space in Chicago is organizing an off-site casual art salon and show during the annual College Art Association conference on the night of February 15th (note: we are unaffiliated with the CAA). We are looking for artists’ works which are possible to rapidly install or invoke that represent voices from across the spectrum of media arts demanding presence and commanding inclusive behavior and vision. We have a not-so-modest number of technological contrivances (speakers, various types of projectors, monitors, computers, radios, etc) but welcome your ability to provide contrivance of your own if necessary to manifest your work.

Please keep in mind that the week is going to be busy for everyone. Try to keep your proposals simple to implement. Please use the form below to submit your proposal.

We look forward to reviewing your work/curatorial projects!


P.S. – If your desire is to present work limited to screen presentation, consider participating in STUFF ON STUFF ON STUFF, which is an open participation project occurring within the CAALTERNATE salon.


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