1st Annum-hurrahs-lorry Celebration

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After a successful first year of programming, Tritriangle is ready to kick off its second year with an anniversary celebration and a great show of some excellent artists’ new work. We’ve had a wildly varied first year: workshops, birthdays, noises, twins, games, vids, live-writing, magic, webz, fundraisers, screenings, copies, and even thefts… We’re building up to a big year, and we want you to join us for this celebration to help kick it off right. Artists we’re proud to present include:

Harvey Moon
Nick Briz
Yaloo Pop
Jason Soliday
William Robertson
Daniel Rourke
Incidental Music
shawne michaelain holloway and Kevin Carey aka Yung Pharaoh
Chris McLaughlin

October 19th @ 7 PM – (We’ll toast to the next as midnight turns!) – 20th @ ? AM/PM

1550 N Milwaukee Ave Fl3
Chicago, IL


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