Kyle Eyre Clyd / Jason Soliday+Peter Speer / Lessons / Alexander Adams / Eric Newmiller

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Kyle Eire Clyd []

I’m Kyle from New Orleans. I’m a woman who does a weird project that moves between the highbrow sound art world, lgbt punk scene, and power electronics noise scene. My new sets are like pop-up sound installations inspired by Maryanne Amacher and Eliane Radigue with 70s performance elements.

Jason Soliday+Peter Speer

Lessons (in Musicology) []
is thievery, pure and simple. Through the medium of mixed and processed records and the electro-acoustic possibilities of the turntable KG Price turns other peoples’ typically copy written work into his own. Classical in form, modern in content, the end result is a summation of and response to our documentation of organized sound.

Alexander Adams []
The firetrucks came to listen and play in the beating, self-consuming wash, a nearby blaze forgotten and left to self-immolate as a memory eclipsed its reality.

Eric Newmiller []
Guitar drones with a crunchy center, known to cause large gaps in time resulting in burnt dinners across Chicago.

$5-10 sugg.don.
9pm, Saturday March 5
1550 N Milwaukee Ave Fl3
Chicago, IL 60622

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