Mykel Boyd, Drekka, Timber Rattle, Christopher Elmore

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An evening of ritual, ambient, deep listening, experimental, musique concrete, sonic trances provided by MYKEL BOYD, DREKKA, TIMBER RATTLE, and CHRISTOPHER ELMORE.

∆ Mykel Boyd – (
Kankakee, IL – Sound and visual artist using processed field recordings to create dark, static filled compositions. Known for low end dronescapes that rumble, pulse and shimmer in a particularly dark industrial atmosphere. One half of experimental duo Bokeh. Boyd often use bowed brass bowls, analog synths and contact mics to add color to his clouded sound world. Boyd also runs the Somnimage label.

∆ Drekka – (
Bloomington, IN – Working under the name DREKKA since 1996, composer Michael Anderson has toured, traveled, and collaborated extensively, collecting memories and building a personalized archive of sound that dates back to the mid-1980’s. He has recorded and toured as a member of Lovesliescrushing, Turn Pale, In Gowan Ring, Stone Breath, Jessica Bailiff and many more artists. Throughout years of performing and recording, Anderson has explored early industrial tape culture, fragile bedroom noise-folk, and expansive cinematic textures, releasing a large body of work on labels such as Auris Apothecary, Dais Records, Somnimage, and Anderson’s own label, Bluesanct. His music and performance touch on themes of silence, dreams and memory; though rather than obscuring his identity, as can often be the effect of experimental music, DREKKA offers a direct insight into Anderson’s working mind and his tenuous cache of recollections. The personal and the delicate are not obfuscated by poetic abstractions, but on vivid display. While the notions of the “haunting”, “etherial” and “hypnogogic” are easy recourse in describing ambient music and art, DREKKA unequivocally occupies and deals in those dark spaces which comprise the ephemeral province of memory and dreams, the real ghosts of time and sound.

∆ Timber Rattle – (
California – TIMBER RATTLE is a roving, revolving and ongoing music project that continues to explore the connections between primordial sound, landscape, and the musics that have derived from our relationships to space and place throughout time. This contemplation manifests in a kind of “pyche-pastoral”, a music both spatially vast and intimately inward-looking, which seeks to create a celebratory and reflective environment that shares a border with nature and silence. While never straying too far from the mountain-hymns that are at its roots, the songwriting – which simultaneously embodies and considers its own history and geography – is yet suffused with a vocabulary of drone, collected recordings and sound-experimentation. An intuitive exploration of palette, pattern, and scale is the softly shifting foundation for arcane texts and vocals, which inhere as sound and instrument in the sonic celebration of the meeting and inter-folding of land and bodies, animals and plants, language, magic, life and death.

∆ Christopher Elmore – (
Chicago, IL – Christopher Elmore makes art and music, inspired in part by ongoing struggles with mental health issues, and the urge to continue living and creating in spite of them. He explores minimalism, generative composition techniques, and improvisation through analog and digital modular synthesis. He has been featured in concert at the Empty Bottle, High Concept Laboratories, and Open Space, and has performed live in collaboration with dancers Kara Brody and Amanda Maraist. Christopher is the caretaker of Editions Black & Blue, a private press specializing in limited edition art and sound objects. He currently lives and works in Chicago, Illinois.


Saturday, January 25, 2020
7p doors, 8:00 start
$7-10 sugg.don.

1550 N Milwaukee Ave Fl3
Chicago, IL 60622

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