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Noise for Toys for Tots is an exhibition of Chicago based experimental musicians coming together for an evening of holiday spirit to collect new, unwrapped toys for less fortunate children in the City of Chicago. The event takes place at Tritriangle, an official Toys-for-Tots toy-drop site, and features the work of Vertonen, XTAL fSCK, Personal Injury Lawyer, and Instinct Control with interludes by KG Price.

Vertonen, Blake Edwards, has been exploring sound under the name Vertonen for just over 20 years. His most recent work has focused on repurposing “dated” technology (multi-variable speed turntables, cassette players) and damaged media (customized records, tape machine malfunctions, corroded audio tape).

XTAL FSCK is Jon Satrom and Jason Soliday. They have been collaborating for over a decade under various guises, including: I♥PRESETS, Magic Missile, Faulty Majick, and Soliday & Satrom. Their audio, video and new media work stems from a profound distrust of audio, video and new media. XTAL FSCK floods the uncanny valley with sonic magniloquence, optical splinters, and extremely articulate gibbering.

Personal Injury Lawyer is the experimental music project of Zachary Mark. He has played numerous times all over Chicago in Battleship and also runs the cassette label Car Wash Tapes. His work explores sounds both natural and synthetic, yet eternally guttural and raw.

Instinct Control — Outmoded technologies, devices, pathways, turned upon themselves and us in new ways of being. Metonymic transmitters and receivers all. Instinct Control is Ryan ⊥ Dunn, a mediation and performance artist considering the implications and manipulation of mediation and communication. More about his work can be found in and around

KG Price, MC for the evening, will provide interludes featuring mixed medleys of digitally processed and physically augmented records ranging from sound effect Foley to opera. The resulting simultaneity is a response and homage to the sounds and music that KG has heard throughout his life. The collection also includes works by many Chicago composers.

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