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Transient’s Theme is a soap-operatic engagement about an errant guise who changes faces & fills the shifting forms of perpetrators & victims alike. Perpetually fleeing scenes past & present, The Transient finds himself haunted by an irrevocable reckoning as beguiling & bodiless as he is.

On Twin Day, congregants will multiply, festively, proactively, on screens & from speakers, sensationally. You can bring a twin or try a fake one. Or, you can find a real one. Or, you can learn & see & be one.

Suggested donation $7

Presented in iterative installments, every time something happens, it happens irrevocably, like youth & restlessness, like the world turning, never stopping. Like a man whose crimes are carved in his face who gets a face-change operation, a woman conspires with her dubiously whimsical maid to convince her husband, or her husband’s lawyer, that he has amnesia, or that she is really a psychic & he is really dog-walker, & everything feels like a dream between water & air, a fish & a kingfisher’s eyes meet. & their fate is sealed, it’s sung.


Artist Bios:

Bethany Ides harps on conditions (text, presence, prescience, instability, irrevocability, implicature, dis-use) and this is what manifests as performance, installation, publication, video, sound and/or curating.  She is author of Indeed, Insist (a mystery) (Ugly Duckling Press, 2005), co-founding editor of FO (A) RM magazine (2002-2006)& co-curated & directed the Gilded Pony Performance Festival (2006). TRANSIENT’S THEME (currently in development) marks Ides’ 3rd evening-length intermedial operatic project–– following Children Get Stuck Places Underground (Half/Dozen Gallery, PDX, 2010) & co + remote (w/ Seth Nehil, Bard College Avery Center, 2004)–– & has been presented  in iterative installments at the Gershwin Hotel, CounterPULSE Theater, Gowanus Studio Space, St. Marks Poetry Project & Dixon Place.  & then it goes & goes on, next to to Mandragoras Art Space. Other current collaborations in progress include work w/ Mitchell Akiyama (sound studies/vocality), Erin Yerby (mediumship), Ryan Sullivan (pop songs) & Andrea Quaid (questions/suppositions), & reading books & hashing it out w/ students at SVA, NYU & Bard College.

Thomas Love is a video and performance artist whose work engages the body as a potential site for personal, cultural, social &/or redefinition. His work has been included in The Thing screening series, La MaMa Galleria, and after-the-butcher (Berlin). He received a BFA from Cooper Union, and lives/works in Brooklyn.

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