We’ll All Have A Good Laugh About It After We Crash Into The Median

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We asked these artists to examine the impact of the unexpected and spontaneous in the experience of art from the viewer’s perspective. The miraculous spins the wheel and we’ve rolled across the embankment, straddling two oncoming cars from either end, and now we’re going for a mighty spin. Join us at Tritriangle on June 22nd for the most anticipated show of 2013!

We’ve been conscripted to help recover some invaluable artwork which was stolen from MC Art Collection Services today which is now being held ransom. All proceeds will go to recovering these works. Those responsible for the heist are streaming live video of the works online in some desperate attempt to instill fear over the possibly disastrous fate of these precious works of art. As a result, the streams are also impervious to your presence and we’d like you to take advantage of that. Come for the scheduled performances, and help us put these works of art in your value added context. Yes, we dare you and flaunt this in the face of those responsible. Please help us with this worthy cause.

Kathryn Cornelius
Jennifer Mills
Ryan T Dunn
David Michael De Boer

June 22nd, 2013, 6PM-10PM
1550 N Milwaukee Ave Fl 3
Chicago, IL
$5-50 sugg. donation ransom contribution.\


The event still consists of durational as well as time-constrained performances-our artists have been so kind as to be flexible and take this added burden on for the show and are performing for this good cause. It is advised to attempt durational experience. Join us for the evening; you won’t be disappointed. The art handlers gave us a video they managed to shoot during the heist, and we have a bystander’s documentation as well. For such a well documented tragedy, we’re stunned at how many people looked without acting. Why???

See the videos below:

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  1. stuart
    stuart at · Reply

    i am very much looking forward to seeing this show….post a lot of pics for those of us who are out of town!

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