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∆∆∆   Tritriangle News - 2014.02.09
∆∆∆   • 2014.02.15 - CAAlternate 2014
∆∆∆   • 2014.03.08 - ASCII 5
∆∆∆   • 2014.03.15-16 - Multiples

1550 N Milwaukee Ave Fl3
Chicago, IL 60622

∆∆∆	2014.02.15 - CAAlternate 2014

Andrew Blanton, Morehshin Allahyari, Christine Kirouac, Sanglim Han, Kayla Beth Anderson, Patrick Lichty and more will all be participating in an off-site casual art salon and show during the annual College Art Association conference on the night of February 15th (note: we are unaffiliated with the CAA). Included in the evenings events is the open participation platform "Stuff On Stuff On Stuff”, organized by Jennifer Chan.

∆∆∆	2014.03.08 - ASCII 5

'beautiful chaos' is the organic variation produced when systems break down, collisions between order and entropy. Rusted out cars in the middle of a swamp, piles of CD-ROMs in a thrift store, fruit toppling from a grocery stand, spontaneous stock market rises and falls—the finite range of experiences as members of the set of an infinite range of possibilities. I'm trying to create something of beautiful chaos right now: attempting to illustrate in an ordered fashion the two word synthesis of a conversation, while simultaneously wading through the memory of such a thing after time and many new memories have undoubtedly repurposed those neurons. The unending translation of moments into new moments and the inexplicable construction of explainable events which come forth.

∆∆∆	2014.03.15-16 - Multiples
Multiples. is a temporary crossover market opening for one weekend in March and October 2014 showcasing objects produced as multiples. As a premise show, Multiples. seeks to span the division between art and craft, which are intimately connected, yet often artificially separated by preconceived notions of social value. Modeled as a hybrid of the contemporary commercial art fair, critical craft markets and an exploration of visual art forms, Multiples. is an affordable option for contemporary artists and makers looking to expose their practice and sell their editions, replicated hand-made, or manufactured works in Chicago. Please click the apply link above to showcase your work at our Spring or Fall markets, or the about link to learn more about art multiples.

As part of an invitation to participate in the MULTIPLES Art Fair on March 15th and 16th, 2014, Tritriangle is putting together TRITRIANGLE CLIP ART CD-ROM VOL I. We are looking for submissions of your original royalty-free “CLIP ART” which we can distribute to fair attendees as part of a media smorgasbord for their perpetual re-use, rehashing, and regurgitation. Please use the form below to submit your work. THE DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION IS MARCH 7TH!


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