[Tritriangle] CLIP ART CD-ROM Deadline Tomorrow, ASCII5, MULTIPLES!

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Thu Mar 6 15:48:32 CST 2014

Hey all,

I just wanted to send you a last warning—if you’d been planning to submit files to TRITRIANGLE CLIP ART CD-ROM VOL I:

DO NOT DELAY! The deadline is tomorrow so I’ll have time to burn and package all the CD-ROMs.

Tritriangle is accepting sound, image, video, documents, etc—anything that can exist as a non-executable digital file, and which has relevance to the notion of CLIP ART.


Submit as many files as you like—the form takes 5 at a time, but you can submit the form more than once!

If all goes as planned, we’ll have the CD-ROM’s available during the MULTIPLES. Fair (http://artmultiples.net)— we’ll be located on the stage of the Pulaski Park Fieldhouse main room, and will be showing work by Daniel Temkin, Audra Wolowiec, and Grayson Bagwell in addition to distributing the CLIP ART CD-ROM.

AND in two days we host ASCII 5: (http://tritriangle.net/events/event/ascii-5/)
Saturday, March 8
6:00 – 9:00 pm 
1550 N. Milwaukee Ave. Fl. 3, Chicago

Andrea Jablonski.  Catie Olson.  Cole Pierce.  EC Brown.  Elena Tejada Herrera.  George John Larson.  Jason Shanley.  Jon Bollo.  Julia A. Miller.  Kg Price.  Mairin Hartt.  Mikey Peterson.  Ryan T. Dunn.  Sarah Beth Woods + Cleo Sugg.  Stephanie Burke.  Will Soderberg.

Hope to see you soon,


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