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∆∆∆   Tritriangle News - 2017.01.30
∆∆∆   • 2017.02.04 - 2nd Floor Rear X3: https://2ndfloorrear.org/2nd-floor-rear-2017-ritual/day-1-events-off-the-blue-line/
∆∆∆        • JCSpaceRadio - Ritual Through Diaspora
∆∆∆        • An Interview: Ira S. Murfin, w/ Heather McShane, Nathanael Jones
∆∆∆        • The MorphoTransverse Method™

1550 N Milwaukee Ave Fl3
Chicago, IL 60622

On Saturday we have THREE different shows as part of 2nd Floor Rear. We will have some beer courtesy of Burnt City Brewing(!) but feel free to BYO as usual. We’re asking for a suggested donation for each event of $5-10, but if you plan to hang out all night we’re flexible. It’s suggested, just help support the space so we can keep putting on great events!

∆∆∆ JCSpaceRadio - Ritual Through Diaspora
∆∆∆ http://tritriangle.net/events/event/ritual-through-diaspora-jcspaceradio/

Mobile Participatory Installation (2nd Edition) \\ Doors: 5:30 PM; Performance: 6:00-7:00 PM

JCSpaceRadio is a mobile, immersive, durational installation that addresses the ongoing inhabitation of transmission frequencies.  Our contemporary landscape is inundated with a constant barrage of digital frequencies.  Broadcasts from JCSpaceRadio are transmissions of tones attuned to natural bodily frequencies, supplementing depleted alpha, beta, delta, and theta wave resources.

Facilitated by Christine Shallenberg in Chicago and Jenn Cooper in Thailand, “Ritual Through Diaspora” is a physical exploration of resonances of tranquility. Traveling trunks will expand to create a space for an intimate ritual gathering that engages with bodies scattered from their original homelands. A live radio broadcast will accompany the Chicago presentation and may be accessed by individuals in the vicinity. Tonal broadcasts will be body-based and will focus on the frequencies of organs.


∆∆∆ An Interview: Ira S. Murfin, w/ Heather McShane, Nathanael Jones
∆∆∆ http://tritriangle.net/events/event/an-interview-ira-s-murfin-with-heather-mcshane-nathanael-lee-jones/

Performance \\ 7:30-9:30 PM; Performance begins promptly at 7:30 PM

An Interview is a single, linear performance, consisting of an indeterminate number of interlocking one-hour segments, each made up of the performed transcript of a prior interview and a new extemporaneous interview between two participants — the performer who conducted the interview in the previous segment and a new performer, who interviews the returning performer during the second half of the performance. An Interview commenced with a unique half hour segment presented at Tritriangle on 14 October 2016 in which Ira S. Murfin, the artist instigating the work, was interviewed by a second performer, Heather McShane, for 30 minutes. In this, the first full one-hour segment, Murfin will not appear as a performer. Instead McShane will be joined by a new performer, Nathanael Lee Jones. McShane and Jones will sit across a table from one another and read, verbatim, the transcribed text of the earlier interview. Once the transcript has been read, Jones will interview McShane for one half hour on any subject(s) of his choosing. This segment of An Interview will be preceded by McShane presenting her own work, and it will be followed by Jones’s Three Long Lists with Kate R Morris, Jess Saldana, and Beth McDonald.

∆∆∆ The MorphoTransverse Method™
∆∆∆ http://tritriangle.net/events/event/the-morphotransverse-method-annie-kielman-josh-patterson/

InterACTIVE Performance \\ 9:30 PM-12:30 AM, with performances at 10 PM, 11 PM, and 12 AM
There is a $5-10 suggested donation for this event.

DECIDE. COMMIT. THRIVE. The MorphoTransverse Method® updates ancient health practices for the modern fitness world—all you need to do is be PRESENT. Together, we’ll turn your goals into results, and uncover your level of happiness and stability so that you can reach a superior state of existence.

Discover your heightened self as we teach you to unify your spirit and body, allowing them to evolve beyond earthly boundaries.

Join us for your EXCLUSIVE introductory Trial Experience of

The MorphoTransverse Method®

30-minute example sessions will be held at 10pm, 11pm, and Midnight. Please arrive 5 minutes early if you plan to participate.

Please join Annie Kielman and Josh Patterson as they explore the intersection between esoteric fitness and esoteric spiritualism. This event will include instructional literature as well as provide a guided experience in both physical and cognitive amoral exercises. The energy of the space will echo the condensed frenzy of bodies found in group fitness classes, with the instructor playing cult leader. Keeping exertion levels to a minimum, the combination of choreographed movements, designed sound accompaniment, and shouts from a seductively energetic leader will mimic a spiritual drunk, spiked with coke: a sort of post-modern speedball. The performance will serve as a playful safe-space for experiencing that transcendence naively. Upon surrender the viewer has the opportunity to analyze the feeling of relinquishing autonomy to become a part of a larger healing herd.


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