[Tritriangle] TONIGHT! Jamison Williams Ensemble, Hali Palombo

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Fri Sep 21 19:10:27 CDT 2018

It’s not too late! 

Come for tonight’s psychoses inducing enormous ensemble dive into piecemeal Disney.
Not-quite-copyright-violation Elephant-In-The-Room. Big Ears.

Hali Palombo opens the night with her shortwave signature cocktails!

More info below:::

1550 N Milwaukee Ave Fl3
Chicago, IL 60622

∆∆∆ Soon at Tritriangle:
∆∆∆ 2018.09.21 : Jamison Williams Ensemble, Hali Palombo
∆∆∆ 2018.09.24 : Luer(MT), Soliday, Vertonen
∆∆∆ 2018.10.04 : Red Rover Presents an &Now Travelers Showcase
∆∆∆ 2018.10.08 : 1esƒ5m 100th episode (http://1esf5m.buzzsprout.com)
∆∆∆ 2018.10.12 : Yohimbe, Kyle Flanagan, +TBD
∆∆∆ 2018.11.03 : Developer, Boar, Sniveling, I Don't Get Tired, Ruptured, Velvet Curtain, Magia Nuda


∆∆∆ 2018.09.21 : Jamison Williams Ensemble, Hali Palombo

Jamison Williams will free-conduct an ensemble of musicians performing his chopped and screwed medleys of Disney songs.
Racheal Gonzales, Eric Novak, Brianna Tong, Chris Moore, KG Price, Lily Sikes, Nick Alvarez, Daniel Duerm, Alex Adams, Corey Lyons, Cam Cunningham, Est Lin, Val Dorr, Billie Jean, Zach Selbo, Ryan Donlin, Annie Wagner.

Hali Palombo works with shortwave radio field recordings and voice. Colorful collages between secret drone spywork and carnegie hall, wild fields and a gridded architect’s drafting board.

Saturday, September 21, 2018
8:30p doors, 9p start
$10 suggested donation


∆∆∆ 2018.09.24 : Luer(MT), Soliday, Vertonen

Luer is a new-ish project by Matt Taggart(PCRV, label head). moving away from, but not abandoning, harsh noise Luer explores synth based improvised music within the noise context. Luer embraces more musicality in its music.

Jason Soliday
Soliday, a stalwart of Chicago’s new media landscape, is always problematizing and inverting expectations within sharp, dramatic, fuzzy, and slurry sonic manifestations.

Blake Edwards has been exploring sound under the name Vertonen for just over 20 years. His most recent work has focused on repurposing “dated” technology (multi-variable speed turntables, cassette players) and damaged media (customized records, tape machine malfunctions, corroded audio tape).

Monday, September 24, 2018
8:30p doors, 9p start
$7-10 suggested donation

1550 N Milwaukee Ave Fl3
get at tritriangle.net


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