Tritriangle aims to present works which engage with the potential of sound, video, language, and other performed, performative, and time-based media—implicating the audience, transcending classification, and challenging traditional aesthetic and conceptual notions. Through these forms, Tritriangle hopes to engage psychology, performativity, mediation, intervention, and spatialization. We believe the experience of those who attend, engage, learn, enjoy, critique, and emotionally respond to anything that happens at our space, whether during or after, is what our communal efforts produce. In addition to exhibitions and performances, we are looking forward to collaborative and educational programming in order to encourage discussion and community engagement.

We are actively seeking artists and proposals for media arts events which are conscious of media specificity, performativity and an expansion of the boundaries of the traditional relationship with audience formed by gallery oriented art.  Please include specific details about your event and/or work with proposals.

Please send all correspondence to: get@tritriangle.net

Or, if necessary, send mail to:

1550 N Milwaukee Ave Fl 3
Chicago, IL 60622

Tritriangle is an open model curatorial project by Ryan T Dunn. Tritriangle was founded in 2012 by Ryan T Dunn and William J R Robertson. William left Tritriangle in February of 2014, and we wish him luck in his future endeavors.

Ryan T Dunn is a media and performance artist working across the range of material and immateriality to engage directly with the experience and implication of the audience. Artist, performer, curator, writer, and being—Ryan prefers to look at art as an act of extended intervention which can engage with audience in particular appropriate contexts as documents, spectacle through the mass absorption of mediated form, or immediate experiences. Hailing from the Pacific Northwest—Seattle and Portland—Ryan currently resides and works in Chicago. He received a BA in Art from Reed College and an MFA through the Sound Department from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.