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Male Model
Street Rat
Nail Club

Narco Alms

Blood Pot Weeny Sucker (2/3 of Phoned Nil Trio)
C Olivia Valenza
Eli Smith
C Vadi
Slow Owls

Piss Piss Piss Moan Moan Moan
Forced Into Femininity
Genetti / Jacobs / Karris
Jen Hill
Post Consumer Material
History of Leather
Hedra Rowan

Saturday, May 11, 2019
5:30p doors, 6p start
$15-20 suggested donation

1550 N Milwaukee Ave Fl3


∆ Blood Pot Weeny Sucker (Milwaukee, WI) –
Blood-Pot Weeny-Sucker is a duo collaboration between Peter J. Woods and Neil Gravander of Lucky Bone (2/3 of Phoned Nil Trio) playing freely improvised weirdness.  Sounds pull from Michigan tape murk, musique concrete, harsh noise, fluxus, and weird jokes. Performances vary: floating chairs, two headed monsters, a balancing act or heaving (among more traditional modes). It has been nearly five years since this pot was last stirred.

∆ C. Olivia Valenza (Milwaukee, WI) –
C. Olivia Valenza is a composer and clarinetist+ whose artistic process comes from a focus on interdisciplinary collaboration, improvisation, and the development of electroacoustic and acoustic concert music. She strives to create performance experiences which access the full identity of performers and to realize states of subjective “interbeing,” using technology, improvisation, and various ephemera to amplify the self and to extend the body beyond ordinary possibility.

∆ C. Vadi (Milwaukee, WI) –
C. Vadi is a chiaroscuro drone artist from the northern lands. In a live setting, C. Vadi’s sound seances are an immersive audio experience that envelops listeners in hypnotic and symphonic vocal loops. Spirits may be summoned.

∆ Carol Genetti (Chicago, IL) –
Carol Genetti is a Chicago-based vocalist whose work extends to sound and visual art media. Her palette is primordial, existing in a space where “language” and “music” have yet to be formed and formulated into familiar cultural patterns. Genetti’s aesthetic is one of raw power, yet also delicate, subtle, and precise. An exquisite soloist, she is often also heard in the company of other improvising musicians.

∆ Forced into Femininity (Chicago, IL)
Lack of courtesy, empathy, taste or consideration.Fear of the earth dying, fear of femininity forever subjugated by man. Despair over complicity in white supremacy, elitism, faceism and ableism.Despair over the extinction of animals, joy over the extinction of man.

∆ Hedra Rowan (Chicago, IL) –
hi my name is hedra and i make sounds with my computer ~ i also run bodymilk, where i just released a new album ; follow me on pornhub !

∆ History of Leather (Chicago, IL)
Harsh experimental music. Members of Velvet Curtain, Grin, Hanging Lichen, etc.

∆ Jen Hill (Chicago, IL) –
Jen is a sound artist and composer based in Chicago, IL making art about the impossible, the imaginary, and the useless. Using a variety of tools ranging from no-input mixers and hand-built electronics to Wii Remote-controlled digital manipulation and YouTube videos, their work approaches and re-configures elements of both sonic and digital culture, focusing on the social relations and interfaces they depend on.

∆ Male Model (Miami, FL) –
¿What is unfashionable and how can I sell It? The results is MALE MODEL  a minimal techno trash musician/designer inspired by Chinese Fashionista Wang Shouying and her approach of fashion as a political weapon against the Chinese People Republic oppressive political and economical regime.

∆ Mommy (Milwaukee, WI) –
Hi.”mommy” here. Drones, loops and weird samples. Kinda harsh.

∆ Nummy (Milwaukee, WI) –
Nummy is distributed worldwide in temperate and tropical habitats. She has a triangular head with bulging eyes supported on a flexible neck. Her elongated body may or may not have wings, but Nummy has forelegs that are greatly enlarged and adapted for catching and gripping prey. Anticipate an apathetic, moist and minimalistic performance.

∆ Post Consumer Material
Post Consumer Material presents Subtext (Live A/V): A stochastic meditation on the collective poetics of what is shared and what is left unsaid.

∆ Reid Karris (Chicago, IL) –
Reid Karris is a Chicago area based free improvisor. While his main instrument is prepared guitar, for this performance he will be playing homemade skatchboxes.

∆ Street Rat (Miami, FL) –

Accident Fest 2018

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