Hypercube Stereo: Tritriangle returns with an Open Call for public 16 channel sound works

Hypercube Stereo Events

Tritriangle awakens from covid slumber to announce an open call for public 16 channel pre-recorded sound works, no longer than 2 hours in length, though we encourage shorter to allow for looped playback, whether synchronized or not. We would like to present the first several events/works at the Formal Garden Pavillion at Humboldt Park in Chicago, IL. We will subsequently open the format up to site specific works around the park and then the city, as desired. We are leaving other formal limitations up to you. Submissions will be accepted on a rolling basis to (hopefully) begin presenting in late June or July. We will prioritize works that utilize the format inventively by using spatial arrangement and that acknowledge and engage an active listening experience. Additional elements are welcome as long as the work continues to privilege multi-channel audio at its core.

Works will be curated independently or in groups depending on length and feasibility based on speaker arrangement. It cannot hurt to plan a work that will be presented in a regular spatial arrangement like a grid or a line though we do encourage other thoughtful arrangements. We are looking forward to being able to deploy and pack up the speaker system relatively rapidly. Barring a serious storm, we plan to be able to protect the equipment from moderate rain during events.

Ideally your proposal will provide:

  1. Description of your work including intended length, speaker arrangement, formal elements, etc.
  2. Sound sample or reference to similar work (this need not be the complete work, but should support your description).
  3. Bio and/or Artist statement
  4. Website or other accounting of past works. This can exist in any medium, though certainly online is useful.

You may design the placement of the speakers—please elucidate your plan if you wish to diverge from ground placement and confer with us about our preferred speaker mounting method.

!!! : Our sound system does not guarantee synchronization! Please design works which accept/take advantage of this limitation.

Technical specs:
16×7” mid/tweet speakers
8 20W stereo lepai amps with thumbdrive mp3 playback.

Additional Notes:

The speaker magnets fit snugly into 82mm non-continuous thread jar lids, like found on some ubiquitous salsa jars. These can be used assist with mounting them via eg. ratchet straps or other creative means.

Reach out with any questions or concerns to get@tritriangle.net.

Please send your proposals to submissions@tritriangle.net