Call for Garage Sale (Show) Proposals


Tritriangle will host a Garage Sale (Show) on Sunday, August 24. From noon to five that day, participants in the Garage Sale (Show) will sell wares similar to those normally sold at garage sales (lightly loved appliances, knick knacks, clothes, etc.). With each purchase, participants will provide something more–real or imagined past, present, or future potential!

What does this mean? Tell us what you think it means. (Generally, though, we’re thinking it involves live or recorded media. Will you record a short video, put it online, and provide a slip of paper with the link to buyers? Will you read a poem or story, fictional or real, with each purchase? What exactly will you do?)

You will need to be present at the Garage Sale (Show) in order to participate. Group proposals welcome.

Space is limited! Proposals considered on a rolling basis, with the very last deadline being 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, August 17.

Curated by Heather McShane.

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    what you will do/show/perform/read

    what kinds of things do you expect to sell (we realize you might still be collecting but give us an idea)

    how much space you will need

    what materials you will supply or need (we have tables and a projector among other things, but you’ll need to reserve them)

    how you will transport your wares to and from the space (mostly we want to be assured that you will take any unsold items away)

    other comments