6p  Onur Zlobnicki
6:20 Chelsea Bridge
6:40 Reverent
7p  Color Television
7:20 ADT
7:40 Culled
8p Instinct Control
8:20 Rush Falknor
8:40 Lord Mute
9p Sniveling
9:20 Clotting
9:40 Frightened Moon
10p Support Unit (ND)
10:20 Ambigere (ND)
10:40 Divorce Ring (GA)
11p Jeremiah Carter (TN)
11:20 SSS (LA&PA)
11:40 Melvin henry
12a Seven Angels, Seven Princes


Saturday, May 12, 2018
5p doors, starts 6p sharp!
$15 suggested donation

1550 N Milwaukee Ave Fl3


■ Support Unit (Fargo, ND) – 
Support Unit is an HNW project based in Fargo, North Dakota, on the edge of an iced over oil field wasteland. Support Unit explores control through collaboration and the empty, shallow promises of all ideologies.

■ Ambigere (Fargo, ND) –
Unpredictable harsh noise. Loud and unrelenting. 

■ Jeremiah M Carter (Nashville, TN)
Jeremiah M Carter is a multi-instrumentalist experimental artist that comfortably weaves between ambience and power electronics. J. Carter is a part of multiple projects, such as the now defunct post-punk outfit Brothers, and is the co-curator of the eclectic label Fraternity As Vanity.

■ Divorce Ring – (Savannah, GA)
Divorce Ring is solo moniker of Kelby L. Clark – currently based out of Velvet industrial.

■ Summer Sausage Sanders (Los Angeles and Pennsylvania)
Shane Riley and Morgan Garrett are best friends. They mashed their brains together in Athens Ohio and formed the spastic / jilted / heavy foundations of Summer Sausage Sanders.  Blistering but discerning — thoughtful and thoughtless. A roller coaster where puking could be accepted — everyone is welcome.

■ Lord Mute
Duo combination of J. Soliday and Max Allison. Corrupted / glitched / randomized electronic improv. Exploitation of tapes, synths, loopers, and gadgets. Two bearded guys pressing a lot of buttons.

ADT channels tones and strategies from the free-jazz, electronic, and psych/noise rock vocabularies into ecstatic improvised sessions bursting with fractured rhythms and abstracted melodic lines. The Chicago-based ensemble’s frequently changing membership settles into a five piece configuration of DIY-scene veterans for the Insecurities LP, their first release with Hausu Mountain and their first vinyl release to date. ADT’s dense performances flow through contrasting moods and varied textural landscapes, as individual instrumental voices seize the reins for moments at a time and collide with standing harmonies and electronic shapes before slipping back into the chaos below. At any given turn, ADT’s torrent of sound defies genre conventions and expectations of resolution or complication. Their jams crumble into themselves and reform seconds later with new energy, all within the practice of chance-based live performance and the collective development of spontaneous narratives.

■ Sniveling
New project from Chicago veteran Omar Gonzalez (No Dreams, Machismo, Rectal Hygenics) 

■ Reverent:
Reverent is the all-vocal industrial project of Jordan Reyes, co-owner of Moniker Records, and a freelance writer. Largely influenced by a strict religious upbringing, mental illness, and addiction, Reverent comes from a place of shame. It is an exploration of what would happen if Jordan’s “messiah complex” were being driven by his worst attributes. The result? A damaged religious figure, adorned in the trappings of lust and discomfort. Reverent’s songs vary from the hymnal to the deeply aggressive, drawing from artists as disparate as Swans, Nick Cave, PJ Harvey, world hymns, and the Gregorian chants still practiced in Benedictine orders.

Latest release:
Profile by Rift Magazine:

■Instinct Control:
Action permeates as fiber—an unwitting participant breathes and the act is suddenly thrown from a predicted path. Resist urges to tighten constraint.Re-imagine rigid systems as fluid opportunity: //Instinct Control// — Outmoded technologies, devices, pathways, turned upon themselves and us in new ways of being. Metonymic transmitters and receivers all.

■Frightened Moon
Frightened Moon is completely analog turntable and tape manipulation based electronic music. Eroded sounds leave ghostly traces.

CLOTTING is a Chicago based power-electronics/industrial artist operating within the skewed reality of depressive technology and anxiety ridden interaction. The sound has been scraped into textural studies of magnetic tape, harsh mic’d compositions and suffocating electronic rhythms. Aggressively subdued and timidly powerful. Shea Hardacre of CLOTTING is also the owner of the Midwest imprint No Coast / No Hope releasing his own material, and also focusing on releases of other no coast artists.

■Rush Falknor
“In his first solo endeavor into creating temporary sonic sculpture since his aleatoric longform installation “On Tail’s End Whipping” at Art In Odd Places: NOISE in Orlando, FL – Rush Falknor will present a newly devised confrontation with curiosity – a hydrating moment of questioning dependence – a submission to liquid – an endurance test of oxygen rationing – “The hydrogen in me breathes the oxygen in you…”

■ Chelsea Bridge
Violin, electronics, and tape loops weave a thick curtain of sounds sure to abuse your ears and pull at your heart strings.

■ Culled
Absurdist electronics from Crystal Lake, IL.
Their label:

■ Onur Żłobnicki
Onur Żłobnicki is the solo project of Burning Churches/ Puke in the Icetray guitarist Keven Michael-Onur Kalaycıoğlu-Żłobnicki. Żłob manufactures modular synthesizers and uses them to create improvised
Noise and Drone compositions.

■ Melvin Henry:
Currently studying the relationship between acousmate sound in conjunction with its relationship to aesthetic space in a post static consumerist environment. Composing with the occult and banned instruments within 18th century liturgical music in mind, I am aiming to push the limits of sound physicality while continuously focusing on inner-listening.

■ Color Television
Color Television is the interdisciplinary audio visual brainchild of Chicago electronic artist Hayden Beck. Seeking to explore the sonorous relationship between rural and urban noise environments, the music of Color Television is rooted in equal parts improvisational ambient electronics and groove oriented, sample smeared, beat music. Hayden has performed around the Chicagoland area, most recently debuting a live recording of his debut composition “Consonance” through the courtesy of the Experimental Sound Studio’s Oscillations Series.

■ Seven Angels, Seven Princes
Seven Angels, Seven Princes is an exploration of occult energies, using drone as a medium and conduit. Elements of granular synthesis and musique concrete merge in inscrutable alchemical relationships. Each composition exists as a discrete musical servitor; each a sonic sigil with specific vibration and intention. Et Lux Tenebris Lucet

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