HCAM x HS16 Multichannel Workshop w/Kim Nucci

Center for Concrete + Abstract Machines and Hypercube Stereo present a multichannel audio workshop using Max/MSP and the Hypercube Stereo 16 channel system.

Join CCAM for a Multichannel sound workshop run by Oakland/ chicago sound artist, composer, and technologist Kim Nucci (@plzsendpzza ).

From 10 until early afternoon , we will meet at Tritriangle. Kim will introduce techniques and approaches for spatialisation of sounds in a Multichannel environment. We will work in maxmsp, as well as port in sound location information to max from p5xjs (unity, touch designer etc). Participants will get hands on experience moving sound in space. If you like, bring your own sounds or algorithms.

In the afternoon, we will pack up and walk over to wicker park where we will set up the 16 channels in response to the site and enjoy a mini jam of work created in the morning.



Morning @ Tritriangle
– 10-12 intro and workshopping w the system
– 12-1 group1 takes lunch
– 1-2 group2 takes lunch

2-230 transport to Wicker Park
230-330 placing speakers and experimentation
330-430 impromptu performance-installation


Saturday, November 4, 2023

1550 N Milwaukee Ave Fl3
Chicago, IL 60622


Kim Nucci

Kim Nucci is an Chicago/Oakland-based media artist, composer, and technologist. They perform on electronics, modular synthesizer, and saxophones. As a visual and sound artist, they create interactive installations using architectural interventions, light, sculpture, arduino and other microcontrollers, idiosyncratic interactive design, painting and projections. They also work with video, and create generative and audio-reactive video art for live musical performance. Nucci’s research interests explore the pedestrian cybernetic body through critically examining our relationship with technology and with our instruments. Their solo performance practice is invested in the exploration of ritualism and trance states in improvisation. They hold an M.F.A. in Electronic Music and Recording Media, and an M.A. in Music Composition from Mills College, and a B.A. in Visual Arts from Bennington College; where they studied with Milford Graves, Roscoe Mitchell, Zeena Parkins, James Fei, Fred Frith, Shinichi Iova-Koga, Allen Shawn, Liz Deschenes, Susan Scgorbati, and Nick Brooke. They were previously an Associate Professor at California Jazz Conservatory and taught classes on electronic music, improvisation and composition, and they have taught workshops in sound at Oberlin College, Carleton College, ACRE and Women’s Audio Mission. They are head of ACRE Residency’s sound department. They are the Technical Director of Driven Arts Collective, a dance/theatre and media arts performance collective, which they compose music and create interactive media arts for. They currently work at the Art Institute of Chicago as an audio-visual installation specialist.
They have performed at SFMOMA, Gray Area, Oberlin College, Elastic Arts, BabyCastles, CCRMA (Stanford), ODC Theatre, Incline Gallery, The Jazzschool, Center for New Music (C4NM), Dub Club LA at the Echoplex, and in many DIY spaces throughout the Bay Area/ across the US. They have been an artist in residence at Paul Dresher Ensemble Studios’ DEAR residency, ACRE, Zero1, and Counterpulse ARC Edge. As a performer, they have made music for/with with gabby fluke-mogul, Nava Dunkelman, John McCowen, Sholeh Asgary, Nevin Aladağ’s sculptures, Phillip Greenlief, Willie Wynant, Camille Emaille, Marissa Dietz (of Sucker Crush), AE Paterra (of Zombi), Driven Arts Collective, Dragon’s Dance (choreographer Erin Yen), Alex Cohen, Jordan Glenn, Murder Murder, Mitch Stahlmann, Tom Weeks, Joel Nelson, Anastasia Clarke, Madam Data, Brendan Glasson, Rocco Córdova, La Macacoa (aka Demon Sleeper), Sage City Symphony, Generous Ensemble, Gamelan Encinal, and Daniel Schmidt, among others. As a sound engineer and theater technician they enjoy mixing or doing lights for live shows, dance, theatre and lectures, and have teched for Jason Moran, Magic Magic Orchestra, Tauba Auerbach/ Glasser, Himali Signh Soin, Risa Jaroslow’s “Talking Circles”, Amma Ateria, Nihar, Spellling, Allen Moore, Keioui Keijaun Thomas, the Money Witch and others.

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