CURRENT: Feminist Electronic Art Symposium

On Saturday, May 25th, join us for a collaborative event between Vancouver’s Current: Feminist Electronic Art Symposium and Chicago’s Backyard Series.
This event will begin with an hour long panel between some of the members of each group to discuss the differences in each respective city’s and country’s DIY scene, government support, and community that follows and how we can impact the music and art culture. Following the panel, we have prepared a set of 4 featured artists for an evening of music and dance.

We come together to share a community of wordsmiths, soundsmiths, and creative individuals. In light of all this political shame, environmental madness, and callous injustice, it’s important to stand together and remind ourselves that we will always hold the power in our hands to lift each other up and put effort into making an impact that does matter.


Landon Tate
E. Mele
Which Nancy

PANEL: 8:00PM-9:00PM


1550 N Milwaukee Ave Fl3

This is an open opportunity for everyone. If you are interested in becoming involved, please reach out. This series is about elevation. There are no limits and there is no gate keeping.

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