Expanded Cinematic works by Andrew Blanton+Michael A. Morris, Lori Felker, James Connolly at Tritriangle

Andrew Blanton and Michael A. Morris will perform a group of audio/visual works.

Felker, Lori makes music with light. She uses three projectors to make the sounds of looped strips of 16mm film collide in the air. Images spill around the room, but all eyes should be on the sounds.

James Connolly will be creating a synchronized environment of light and sound using modified cathode ray tube computer monitors.


1550 N Milwaukee Ave Fl 3
Sunday April 28th

Artist Bios:

Andrew Blanton is a sound and visual artist. He has performed with the Colorado Symphony, So Percussion, The Brevard Music Center Orchestra, and the National Repertory Orchestra. He received his BM in Music Performance from The University of Denver in June of 2008 where he studied on a partial scholarship and is currently studying a Masters in Fine Arts in New Media at the University of North Texas on a full scholarship. He is on the editorial board of the Moebius new media journal and is frequently performing percussion and audio environments around Dallas and Denver, and is helping curate the 3m3rg3nt |||eΔ¡å L∂ß (an artist run space in Texas). His current work focuses on cross-disciplinary emergence between art and technology, building sound environments through software development, and writing music for those environments.

Michael A. Morris is a Dallas based artist working primarily in film, video, and expanded cinematic forms. His recent work has moved toward two not-completely separate points of focus: essayistic works in film and video that mine accumulations of meaning attached to objects, sites, and experiences; and performative works that initiate hybrid situations where an act of interpretation occurs between technologies and question the evolving understanding of cinematic reception. He will be projecting the first two works in a cycle of pieces that make use of interpretive artifacts between film projections and analog video signals.

Lori chose Filmmaking as her official second language in 2003-ish, bumping German into third place. Eventual fluency is important to her, so she employs many forms/formats, practices frequently with others, and tries hard not to shy away from expressing her thoughts on human behavior, participation, frustration, failure,in-eloquence and political irritants. Lori has many lives to live simultaneously. They currently live, make films/videos, teach, project, program, and compulsively collaborate in Chicago.

James Connolly is a Chicago based video, sound, and new media artist, writer, and curator. His work navigates throughout latent materialities of new and old technologies, modifies hardwares to be utilized in ways that run counter to their consumer-intended purposes, and explores the strange relationship between the digital copy and material culture.  He received his BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and is the Assistant Curator of the Roger Brown Study Collection, a special collection of SAIC.


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