Experience is Limited to the First Person


Tritriangle presents a collection of game environments questioning the authorship of experience. Their take on the collaborative effort between game makers and players (and players) opens the door not only for philosophical contemplations but for startlingly unsettling experiences from simple game mechanics. Join us for an arcade-like night of experimental games, to play, discuss, and experience.

Cardboard Computer — The Entertainment – A Kentucky Route Zero related Occulus Rift VR experience

Brendon Chung — Photog  (http://blendogames.com/)

Allen Trivette — The King of the Wood (http://alllen.tumblr.com)

Robert Yang — Apollo 2 (http://www.debacle.us/)

Kevin Carey — Here Is Everything (http://yungpharaoh.com/)


Friday, January 10th
1550 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL

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