Garage Sale (Show)


Potential buyers come to garage sales hoping to score something like new for a nominal fee. At the Garage Sale (Show), there will be this and something more at play—an engaging interaction between buyer and seller. In a sense, a story. 

The characters and their starting-off points:

Brett Ian Balogh will invite others to think of space, of sputnik, while listening to a recording and considering purchase of a gravity flight suit.

Ryan T Dunn will sell nickels for pennies, telling buyers about a time in which he willfully acted selflessly or was treated inequitably by another.

Michelle Graves and others will tempt patrons to take what they please in a collection of items and people under surveillance cameras.

Heather McShane will whisper autobiographical recollections, both real and imagined, while selling her wares.

Rae Whitlock will interpret what buyers tell her into a personal portrait of them and the future of their new prize.

Michael Workman will sell hand-painted lead Dungeons and Dragons figurines with accompanying character sheets and names and invite people to “roll” their characters, post-purchase and to give their characters new fantasy life by playing them according to traditional D&D rules.

As advertised on Craigslist:

Curated by Heather McShane.

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