Graham Stephenson & A.F. Jones, Kieran Daly, J. Soliday

∆ Graham Stephenson uses amplification to focus on interior aspects of the trumpet. Through the use of highly pressurized breath, valve rotation, and extreme embouchure, the instrument becomes an unpitched sound generator, able to share space in improvised settings with acoustic and electronic instruments. Recordings are available on Erstwhile, Pilgrim Talk, Hideous Replica and the new release, Apposite Rejoinder, is a duo with Jesse Kudler on JMY Records.

A.F. Jones is a Dallas-born, Washington-based musician, composer, and sound designer. His live sets are fully improvised, emphasizing the use of guitar, lap steel, or pedal steel. Al is currently involved in several projects, including ‘what’ and Telescoping. Past projects include MANKINDA and Buck Young. As a sound designer and filmmaker, his most recent film is the acclaimed What Is Man and What Is Guitar?: Keith Rowe. He runs the Laminal mastering studio and curates the Marginal Frequency performance series and record label of the same name.

A.F. Jones will not be able to make this show. Graham Stephenson will instead perform with a friend “on an unamplified acoustic instrument”

∆ Kieran Daly composes and plays music while residing in Chicago and since 2008 has been releasing recordings with Madacy Jazz, Flea, Hibari, Marginal Frequency, Triple Canopy, Lateral Addition, Futow, and others.

∆ J. Soliday is an electronic musician. A member of neural goldberg, Cleav’d Cleaver, xTAL fSCK, LORD MUTE, and various ad-hoc ensembles to numerous to mention. He can usually be found traversing the boundaries between free improvisation, concrete composition, and aleatoric noise.

Masks required. Please stay home if you’re sick.
This is our home, please be respectful.

Wednesday, October 12, 2022
7:30p doors, 8:00 start
$10 suggested donation

1550 N Milwaukee Ave Fl3
Chicago, IL 60622

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