Hali Palombo, James Sherman (UK) and Janna Lee, Jacob Hooks

∆ Hali Palombo
Artist Hali Palombo is both a collagist and composer, making deft use of shortwave radio snippets, old recordings, and instrumentation of her own including her voice.  Her work often has a narrative quality, telling stories of her own life, notable characters in history, places, even the stories of various esoteric medi used to produce sound itself.

∆ James Sherman (UK) and Janna Lee

-James Shearman is a London noise being who straddles the vortices of both soft and harsh noise – he has created works minimal and maximal using feedback, electronics, field recording, synthesizer, voice and amplified object.

-Janna Lee is a Chicago noise artist who uses her voice to explore various facets of herself, and blurs the line between angel and demon. She is the vocalist of Snek Trio (with Reid Karris and Erik Sowa) and Obsequies (with Corey Lyons, and has collaborated with Bob Genghis Khan, Galaxxu, Unmanned Ship, and Scarlet Diva.

∆ Jacob Hooks
From the soothing predictability of an early morning alarm clock, to symphonies of cicadas in Spring, Jhooks takes a closer look at the space around a sound, examining the ways in which emotion, action, and intention both rise from and further develop such an environment.  Expect subtle, looping beds of sound that encourage the listener to tune in more intently to the world within.

Friday, May 12, 2023
8 pm doors, 8:30 start
$10 suggested donation

1550 N Milwaukee Ave Fl3
Chicago, IL 60622

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