Hannah Piper Burns: interior stroll // Tabitha Nikolai: Mutatis Mutandis


join us for two interactive installations by portland-based artists tabitha nikolai and hannah piper burns. these works create a nexus space between virtual and physical, interior and exterior, self and other: not a nail salon, not a video game, not a poem, not a prophecy, but appropriating the structures of all. sharing truths, each piece invites us to enter a new world of possibility.

hannah piper burns: interior stroll
cum spelunk thru the dysfunction w/ me, won’t u?

a virtual embodiment devised to render the psychic runoff from malignant coition + its various consequences tangible + navigable through the intimate cinema of interactive media.

Hannah Piper Burns has received a Career Opportunity Grant Award from the Oregon Arts Commission.

Tabitha Nikolai: Mutatis Mutandis
Mutatis Mutandis is a space of divination, through beautification, situated in a virtual rendition of the temple of Delphi. Glamour allows a glimpse of a possible self—a new way of appearing that prefigures a new way of being. Manifesting this change requires adherence to the prophecy of the beauty regimen. Once necessary changes have been made (Mutatis Mutandis), the insights can flow and the prophecy can actualize.
The medium is in the massage parlor. Welcome to the Adyton nail salon.

1550 N Milwaukee Ave Fl3
Chicago, IL 60622

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