Hypercube Stereo: Jed Miner – EPP Electronic Placebo Phenomenon


Letter Stations: A Spatial Sound Installation of The EPP acoustical effect

As atomic particles of spoken English letters drift by in the distant radio static, another set of phonemes cluster together, almost a word. Bits of letters become speech and float around the world. Irrerespective of the cryptoacoustic nature — the entire lexicon of transmissive generation is agricultural, from the channels of broadcasts to the live stream.

To focus all of my mental energy on one letter and then completely remove or replace it with another in sequence. Meaning can only come first from the layering of sounds. As language becomes removed from its source grammar and syntax become musical principals. We cross over from meaning to the creation of context.

Created in Oct. 2021 for live parallel stereo processing of electronic sounds and extended durational vocal techniques, Letter Stations is about the concept that language, as a Placebic Phenomenon seeks to merely arouse our inclination toward meaning. Through the use of sound, I can explore each letter individually as generative sonic components to create longform soundworks based on the musical attributes that are produced exclusively by the speech act.

Media consumes itself. When radio broadcast switched to digital – the idea was to facilitate the concept of the “repeater station” where multiple stations are controlled by a central unit. At that point, the idea is that you are not a listener but a “scanner” because the playlists are now in a shared database.

I perform the other bands in the spectrum as adjacent “channels” to be experienced by the listener as one would scan the dial of transmissive space, a colorful sonic void. The main component consists of strings of random letters that have been synthesized using freely available online AI vocal robots. These are mixed in with the spatial sound experience in a way that ideally, they merely capture your attention for a moment.

∆∆∆ Jed Miner (jedminer.com / Modernism.bandcamp.com) began composing music with phonemes in the late 1990’s. With the introduction of sonogram based audio processing sound became a landscape of frequencies based on the dual resonating cavities of human speech.

Read more about the Hypercube Stereo series, including how to submit a proposal, here: https://tritriangle.net/hypercube-stereo-open-call-for-public-16-channel-sound-works/

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