id m theft able // lisa stertz + abraham winterstein // angel marc lloyd


id m theft able — one of the premier improvisational weirdos of the time. His work ranges from soft material interventions, to bizarre vocal territories, to concrète pop explosions, to rickety blasts of noisy intransigence. Working with body and space, solitude and sociality, id m theft able can brighten any outlook while revealing severe meaninglessness. Straight from the family compound outside Portland, ME, id m theft able is a performer not to miss—this time or any time.

lisa stertz + abraham winterstein — material and media criticists, performative activations of materiality, the body, and representation.
Presenting »dialogische Momenterzählung«

angel marcloid — angel marcloid (formerly justin marc lloyd) of chicago, il/baltimore, md, usa. ill-at-ease and barely-balancing scraps of bizarre mental orchestras that reincarnate themselves over and over as they grow. strange and unhinged attempts to escape the body in order to portray meditative states within nonsensical juxtaposition, avant-garde psychedelia, and exaggerated catharsis. deep inspiration drawn from atmospheric pressure, REBT, dada & fluxus, buddha nature, self-talk, mental illness, chemistry, fear, dreams, repurposing, re-contextualizing, and absurdity. noise=music.

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