International Noise Conference


INC Chicago 2013 “No laptops, no droning, no mixers.”

Outrageous sound performances activate space and the audience in a viscerally abundant clash of fine china and the bull.

LAUNDRY ROOM SQUELCHERS: “which consists of Rat Bastard and whatever hot chicks he can rope into playing with him (for the last couple years it’s been noise babes Val Martino of Unicorn Hard-On and Leslie Keffer)—surge through the audience with their instrument cables wrapped around their fists like they’re ready for a street brawl. Shows always end in dog piles, bruises, and blood.” -VICE magazine

??? > Special Guests < ??? : They don’t live in Chicago, they do have Extra Sensory Perception.

HEAT DEATH: Chicago super jam band comprised of Ben Billington Baker (Quicksails,
Moonrises, White Prism, etc.), Michael Vallera (Coin, Cleared), Jeff Host (Chemtrails),
and Ryley Walker. Stupefyingly good.

BRETT NAUCKE: Catholic Tapes CEO has been working in the realm of electronic music
for some years and has recently released his first LP, “The Visitor” (Nihilist). Eerie, abstract
& beautiful soundscapes are to be expected.

ELIZABETH FLOERSCH: Has been making severe electronic music for some years now.

TOILET MINT: Electronics & Performance Art, featuring Alejandro Morales (Running,
Piss Piss PIss Moan Moan Moan) and Myke Pmayne.

DEATH FACTORY: Atmosfearic Noisescapes.

JUSTIN MARC LLOYD: Fried psych wonk and songs played wrong by rainbow bridge cult leader from the fart of Pilsen.

LONDO SANDOOGLEBOMB: One half of the Complicated Horse Emergency dada performance extravaganza, Londo will dishing out a unique style of electronicacophony.

MAJOR DISCOMFORT/ANDY ORTMANN collab: Electronics from Paris (member of HUMANCENTiPAD) First USA appearance!

VOICE OF SATURN: The man behind the V.O.S. electronic devices graces us with his
brand of Electronic Music, certainly a rare appearance.

KENDRA CALHOUN: (Names Divine, Twilight of the Three Suns) Solo acoustic soul low fidelity.

INSTINCT CONTROL: you would be better to write something here than I…

DJ ANDY ORTMANN: Host of WFMU’s The Eternal Now, keeping the mood betwixt sets throughout the night.

DOORS 8PM, MUSIC 9. $5 Suggested Donation
1550 N Milwaukee Ave Fl 3
Chicago, IL



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