Karl J. Palouček & Friends (Gitane Demone, Chuckles the Clown)


Tritriangle announces the second-ever Karl J. Palouček & Friends event, taking place Saturday, Aug. 23, 2014. These conceptual events, curated by Chicago-based artist Karl J. Palouček, assemble numerous associates of Palouček’s from across his 25+-year career for evenings of diverse, compelling art and entertainment in a compelling and convivial atmosphere. The Aug. 23 event will take place at Tritriangle (1550 N. Milwaukee Ave., Flr 3, Chicago) and will feature several artists from Los Angeles and the Bay Area. The evening represents an exclusive Midwest appearance for DeMone and her ensemble as well as for Chuckles the Clown.

“In a past life, I knew a bunch of people from the L.A.-based deathrock band Christian Death,” Palouček says. “I haven’t seen some of these people in many years. When I found out that Rikk Agnew and Gitane DeMone — two people I knew wholly independently of each other at different times of life — had become engaged and that she was going to accompany him the Rikk Agnew Band’s tour this summer, it seemed a great opportunity to get together and do something. And purely by chance, our mutual friend Chuck Collison (Chuckles the Clown) called to say he’d be in town that same weekend and wanted to try to do a show as well. It’s an absolute one-off, not happening anywhere else in the world. I’m really pleased that Tritriangle agreed to this — as a performative media space, it should be a perfect venue for this event.”

The Rikk Agnew Band will appear the previous evening, Friday, Aug. 22, at The Red Line Tap in Chicago.


Gitane DeMone

Initially renowned as an indispensible member of notorious gloom-rock ensemble Christian Death during its creative apex, DeMone has long since established herself as an iconic artist, both as a solo performer and in collaboration with others. Her most recent release, a full-length solo CD, The Reflecting Shadow (Manic Depression/Alone Prod, 2013), has been met with critical and popular acclaim as some of her strongest and most daring work to date, taking listeners on a tour through DeMone’s fertile imagination, through shadow and lust; from paranoia to the infinite.

DeMone will be accompanied at this event by her current performing ensemble, which comprises a daunting pedigree in its own right: Rikk Agnew — legendary guitarist with Orange County punk rock progenitors The Adolescents; guitarist and one of the chief architects of the original Christian Death; and current leader of the Rikk Agnew Band — brings his intricate and impeccable arrangements to augment DeMone’s richly imagined world. Also accompanying are Deb Venom of Aunty Trust fame, providing a backdrop of electronics and lyrical keyboard work that’s by turns elegant and disturbing, and newly added keyboardist Paul Roessler of The Screamers, 45 Grave, Nervous Gender and Nina Hagen, among others. http://rozznet.com/users/gitane/

Chuckles the Clown

Chuckles the Clown (AKA Chuck Collison of Premature Ejaculation, impresario of underground cassette label The Happiest Place on Earth) comes from the California suburbs to entertain you with his despair. Virtually unknown in his own community, Chuckles is a legend from the Sino-Soviet cassette-trading scene of the early 1980s who has since recorded over tapes by everyone from The Beach Boys to Waylon Jennings; Sir Mix-a-Lot to Jane’s Addiction. His ever- evolving aural style, suffusing elements of the natural world with a sine-wave sickness acquired in a foreign land, resonates with the clarity of a post-mortem truth. Once asked about his methods and how he manages to weave such a powerful and indelible spell, Chuckles softly responded, “Everything I do, I do with love.” www.soundcloud.com/chuckcollison

Karl Palouček

Karl Palouček has been pursuing his artistic vision for more than 25 years. Even while performing with Milwaukee- based “industrial” bands Shrilltower, Impact Test and percussion-heavy rock group Fuckface, he had started to envision a sound world of his own. In this world, the industrial influences of his early work get refined. Sewing machines interplay with lush pianos and ticking metronomes; rivers of tuned metal eddy and splash about with choruses of crystalware; clock gongs resonate in the fore as chau gongs crash in the background; and percussive bass ripples like a low-pressure system in the late afternoon. In addition to his performances, studio work and more recent exhibitions, Palouček has worked on and facilitated the release of numerous recordings by other artists, including Milwaukee industrial stalwarts Boy Dirt Car (with whom he briefly performed in 2008-2009) and Germany’s Einstürzende Neubauten. Current musical collaborations have included contributions to a new magnum opus from renowned Irish composer/artist Daniel Figgis. www.soundcloud.com/karl-j-paloucek

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