Maciej Ożóg, J. Soliday, Jeff Kolar, err

Maciej Ożóg (

is a sound artist, curator, dj and theorist of culture. Since the early nineties he’s been involved in experimental music scene of Poland. The founder of many bands (Spear, Ben Zen, Aural Treat, Sub Spa, Quantum Vacuum Oscillator, Nonstate i.a.). He works in the field of sound art, live multimedia performance, interactive installations and video art. In his solo performances he critically explores limial territory between physical activity of the body and an invisible electromagnetic infrastructure of hybrid space. He uses custom designed sound devices as well as digital and analogue electronics. His new CD “Moist Hardware” will be out in 2019.

Between 1998-2002 he ran a record label Ignis Project dedicated to electronic and electroacoustic music. Ignis released records by: Francisco Lopez, Ultra Milkmaids, Vance Orchestra, Indra Karmuka, Crawl Unit, Origami Arktika, Chaos As Shelter, EA and Spear.

Organiser of L’tronica Festival for Electronic Music and Art. Curator of Perform_Tech program at Art Factory in Łódź. Curator and co-curator of numerous events such as (i.a.): four editions of the exhibition “Die Kunst Ist Toth”, concerts by Coil, Noise Makers Fifes, Column One, Troum, Xaviere Charles, Z’ev, Zbigniew Karkowski, Aube, Tetsuo Furudate, Asmus Tietchens, Kasper T. Toeplitz, Marco Donnarumma, Thomas Ankersmit, Julien Ottavi, Ryan Jordan, Gil Kuno and many others.

His academic research focuses on interactive art, tactical media, bio art, network society, surveillance studies and posthumanism. He has published a number of articles on aesthetics of interactive art, history and theory of avant-garde film, video art and experimental music. His book „Life in a silicon cage. New Media Art. as a Critical Analysis of Digital Surveillance” (in polish) was published in 2018 by Lodz University Press. Associate professor at the Institute of Contemporary Culture, School of Media and Audiovisual Culture, University of Lodz.


∆ J. Soliday (

is an electronic musician. A member of Cleav’d Cleaver, xTAL fSCK, LORD MUTE, and various ad-hoc ensembles to numerous to mention. He can usually be found traversing the boundaries between free improvisation, concrete composition, and aleatoric noise.


∆ Jeff Kolar (

is a sound artist, radio producer, and curator working in Chicago, USA. His work activates sound in unconventional, temporary, and ephemeral ways using appropriation and remix as a critical practice. His solo and collaborative projects, installations, and public performances often investigate the mundane sonic nuances of everyday electronic devices.


∆ err is Ryan ⊥ Dunn, Rush Falknor and Estlin Usher

Ryan ⊥ Dunn is a media and performance artist considering the implications and manipulation of mediation and communication. He is invested in open culture, expanded field interventions, and the primacy of experience as product. “No More Secondhand Art.”

Estlin Usher is a sound artist employing stochastic synthesis and sample manipulation to construct dense, textural compositions informed by algorithmic and aleatoric processes.

Rush Falknor — Workings of sound in every realm. Auditory collage sculptor. Experimentalism and obsession. For ERR specifically, cassette tapes & reel-to-reel machines are the primary focus, dissecting the audio on both self-made recordings & found tapes to extract the various textures and tones that can be pulled forth from magnetic tape when physically manipulating the medium, a la object interference & examples of improper usage of the machines.


Sunday, September 15, 2019
8p doors, 8:30 start, 11p end
$7-10 sugg.don.

1550 N Milwaukee Ave Fl3
Chicago, IL 60622

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