meekling press TALKS: Exploits & Opinions – Part 3


Come one & all to the third installment of TALKS: Exploits and Opinions. This is the final evening of lectures for the season before the great winter hibernation, and it’s sure to be a spectacle, a three-ring circus of the most learned & educational kind. & here are the three rings:

KEVIN SPARROW, lead researcher on botanical-mythological studies at the Museum of Unnatural History, on “Apples to Oranges: An Unnatural History Examination”

ANNE YODER, pharmacist/anthropologist/expertest documentarian, on “The Problem with the Pills: A History of the RESISTORs”


JOHN WILMES + DAVID SCHEIER, all around general ne’er-do-wells (&quite good at it), to present a joint talk on “Our Missing Friend Haywood”

++++++ IMPORTANT NOTE +++++ =
Tritriangle, our always awesome host, is a drop-off site for TOYS FOR TOTS, so please if you would like to bring a new, unwrapped toy for a tot, do. ! Happy Holidays !

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