MT Coast, Gorgeous Suntan, Datagram Lanyard, Square Square

Gorgeous Suntan -Roy Werner is a recent a graduate in Technocultural Studies at University of California, Davis, studying primarily under avant-garde composer, Bob Ostertag. He works mostly in the improvisational sonic art field, more specifically in sample-based composition focused on sample decomposition/granulation via processing through Max/MSP software. He has also worked in multimedia performance/installation augmenting aural composition with Jitter processed visual synchronization.

some recent work::

Datagram Lanyard –

John Brumley has been affiliated with experimental and improvisational sound since 2007. Operating out of Davis, CA, John has been an active member of the Davis/Sacramento music scene as a DJ at freeform radio station KDVS, operating local music venues, and performing with numerous groups including mucky the ducky, sagan genesis, grandmother ham, burglars, burgers, and more. He has also done interactive sound/video installations involving clusters of networked computers, bluetooth data transmission, and computer vision. More recently John has been making web pages and programming screen savers. John studied music at University of California, Davis.

some recent work mostly via abelton / processing::

Recent Gorgeous Suntan/Datagram Lanyard split cassette via Brad Grammar::

MT Coast –

A Chicago based sound artists exploring sonic textures through a process oriented approach. Each piece is simultaneously part improvisational instrumentation and constructed digital processing, resulting in a dichotomy of organic sound bound by computational limitation.


SQUARESQUARE is a realtime video++audio performative collaboration that uses hacked/modified/bent electronics as well as commercially available hardware+software. Our video primarily comes from hacked video game consoles(PS1, PS2, NES, Genesis, etc). We use additional video equipment, some of which are similarly augmented as well, to further abstract and compile imagery. SQUARESQUARE (Saul Rojas, Alex Halbert, Sam Mewton, +Dave Musgrave) utilizes both the content and the hardware of game play to form a marriage of sound and image in order to guide the audience through an ambient space that exists within these worlds. The group was formed 3 years ago @ The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and are active members of the Chicago dirty/new media community.



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