NO MEDIA is an open [sign up] improvisational realtime/performance media art event. Participating artists are randomly matched in sets of 3 && given 10mins to perform w/&& in re:to each other. Poets + experimental dancers + free jazzers + audio &&/ or video noise makers: welcome.

No Media At The Beginning!
[NO preparation is allowed. Bring your tools, devices, instruments, props, etc., but you’ve got to start with a blank slate. NO time will be allotted for ‘setup’.]

No Media At The End!
[NO documentation allowed. It happens once && in realtime.]

Jason Soliday
Nick Briz
Jeff Kolar

Sign up at:

March 16, 8pm @Tritriangle [1550 N Milwaukee Ave Fl 3 Chicago, IL 60622]

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  1. Theodore D. Krostue
    Theodore D. Krostue at · Reply

    will this be broadcast on the net? when is the next? thnx :D

  2. Nick Briz
    Nick Briz at · Reply

    Hey Theodore, it won’t be broadcast online. Myself && Jason && Jeff are all involved in organizing different events/initiatives which we broadcast online + generally prefer to stream stuff, but the impetus behind NO MEDIA is a bit different/specific. We want to create a localized space for experimentation which is low-pressure. For this reason we purposefully don’t broadcast, in fact one of the ‘rules’ (listed above) is no documentation of any kind.

    We’ve noticed sometimes the pressure of documentation can compromise some of the risk taking involved in improvisational performances. We’ve also noticed that (sometimes) folks perform specifically for the documentation and not so much the live setting. This isn’t specifically good or bad, we just want NO MEDIA to be a space specifically for in-the-moment happenings where folks can take risks without worrying about the comments it’ll get on facebook the next day

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