Onur Żłóbnicki Vinyl Release w/ J. Soliday, Instinct Control, Mode Hexe, WWD/Null A, Negutyv Xeiro + visuals by entropy.tv and Jimmy Marco

∆ Keven Michael-Onur Kalaycıoğlu-Żłóbnicki (onurzlobnicki.bandcamp.com https://youtu.be/BT-d-r_d2QE)
Keven Michael-Onur Kalaycıoğlu-Żłóbnicki’s compositions for modular synthesizer are structured within complex Quantum Entangled systems where Indeterminacy and Nonlinearity become favored as compositional and improvisational tools. Pieces are influenced by contrasting fluctuations of Harsh Noise, Drone/Ambient, Musique Concrete, Algorithmic Composition, and Found Sound Manipulation violently coalescing into a primordial soup of distorted and dynamic orchestral inspired movements. Keven is also the founder and designer of the Chicago based Eurorack Modular Synthesizer company, Żłób Modular. The show is in celebration of his debut solo 12” vinyl release, Tholins of Kharon, on Null A records.∆ J. Soliday (soundcloud.com/crank-satoricranksatori.bandcamp.comjsoliday.tumblr.com)
is an electronic musician. A member of Cleav’d Cleaver, xTAL fSCK, LORD MUTE, and various ad-hoc ensembles to numerous to mention. He can usually be found traversing the boundaries between free improvisation, concrete composition, and aleatoric noise.

∆ Instinct Control (https://instinctcontrol.bandcamp.com)
is a project of Ryan  Dunn primarily utilizing the unintended, soul-salvage of planned obsolescence through direct physical contact with the circuitry of tape players. Instinct Control considers instrumentality, expectations and the musician’s gesture—resisting the implied philosophies of settings, knobs, planned instruments, reveling in chance and dialogue, performing sound with an object that is fickle to changes in environment and performer.

∆ Mode Hexe (https://modehexe.bandcamp.com)(Melkbelly drums)
is an electronic/drums onesie that operates on the bleeding edge of Electronic Dance Music, Jazz, Noise and exhibits Brazilian/West-African tonal and rhythmic qualities. Here improvisation renews its connection to musicianship and dance usurps the recording as music’s crowning achievement. With fuzz, ruckus, groove, and joy, Mode Hexe seeks in every generation to dissolve the disparate multitude of named egos into the univocal being of the vibrating plane and its serene anonymity.

∆ WWD (https://www.beatport.com/artist/rayaline/85171)
is an evolving experimental project with releases under Null A Records. It is hybrid of techno-punk-industrial and beat driven sci-fi horror. Its current members are Rayaline and Negutyv Xeiro. Rayaline (Marcos Raya II) has preformed through out Chicago and North America with renowned Chicago label Kompute Musik, with releases on the following labels, Doppt Zykkler, Glider Records (Spain), Pragmatik Recordings (France), Kompute Musik (USA), Spaceal Orbeats (UK). Realizing his darker style he chose to found Null A records in 2015, where he aims to work with other artists who look to develop electronic music styles that transcend the dance floor.

∆ Negutyv Xeiro (https://soundcloud.com/negutyvxeiro) project has been Turner Xei’s primary music outlet since 2004 . An acolyte of EBM with an affinity for breakbeats, he weaves psychedelic soundscapes and horrific cinema atmospheres. His music is intense and eclectic, drawing influence from dystopian cyberpunk, ancient megaliths, industrial factories, and long-forgotten mythologies. Together Rayaline and Negutyv Zero draw upon a taste for the darker side of electronic music produced mostly in eurorack format. Negutyv Zero has a solo forthcoming release on Null A in 2020.

also with visuals by entropy.tv + Jimmy Marco


Saturday, November 23, 2019
8p doors, 8:30 start
$7-10 sugg.don.

1550 N Milwaukee Ave Fl3
Chicago, IL 60622

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