oversleepover3: an ambient slumber party

8:30 pm Doors
9:30 pm Bedtime Ritual by Popahna Brandes
10 pm-12 am Bedtime Ritual and Music by Ampyre 
12-12:15 am Bedtime Ritual by Heather McShane
12-2 am Music by Hex Signals
2-4 am Music by Mkot Pt
4-8 am Sunrise Loop
8-11 am Breakfast
∆∆∆ Popahna Brandes is the author of In An I (Sidebrow Books, 2015); Reading Tests, in collaboration with Jack Henrie Fisher (Jan Van Eyck Academie, 2012); and The Sea In Me/The Riddle We Heard (The Corresponding Society, 2011). Works of translation, prose, film and music have been published by Belladonna*, The Encyclopedia Project, Sleepingfish, Ein Magazin über Orte, Tarpaulin Sky, and Pocket Myth. She runs an annual writing workshop in France, has led many classes in lyrical and impossible narrative forms, and played cello with My Invisible. Her current book project examines invisible domestic labor and its related language allowances. 
∆∆∆ Ampyre
∆∆∆ Heather McShane enjoys thinking about the experience of language as it extends from the written word to the physical world. Her chapbook No Home but Everywhere (Meekling Press), a fictional narrative of unexpected encounters, mirrors the act of walking in its pacing. Currently, she’s working on a book that uses the mnemonic device of memory palaces to move through her late mother’s house, excerpts of which have been published on Entropy and in Long Day Press Journal #2.
∆∆∆ Hex Signals
∆∆∆ Mkot Pt.
Friday December 7 2018
$10 suggested donation

1550 N Milwaukee Ave. FL 3

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