Patrick John Segura – Sensual Intercept


Sensual Intercept requires two participants for activation.  Each participant mounts their bodies into a massage table which leans toward and faces another.  Faces and arms are inserted into virtual reality headsets and armholes within the tables, respectively.  Touching hands in the space between the table, an electrical current is connected, allowing for activation and movement within a virtual space via sculpted joysticks.  Only when touching is the circuit completed, allowing movement and exploration of the psychological and virtual space. The insertive and receptive gestures of the players evoke the blurred lines of play, fantasy, and eroticism/sexuality within a gaming context.

Patrick Segura is a video, performance, and installation artist living in Chicago.  Patrick received his BFA in Painting from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in 2011 and his MFA in Fiber and Material Studies at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Dealing with issues of body, play, virtuality, and sexuality, he draws from his background of gaming to create structures for understanding these ideas and their relationships.  He embraces emergent technologies to help excavate his conceptual territory.  Patrick is the recipient of the College Art Association’s Professional Development Fellowship, SAIC’s Dean’s Scholarship and Grant, as well as the Clay Morrison Scholarship.  In 2013 he was chosen to represent SAIC in EXPO Chicago.  Patrick has shown work in Prospect 2, Acadiana Center for the Arts, and 6018 North Gallery.

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