Peter J Woods, curtains+rae whitlock, Instinct Control, Justin Marc Lloyd, ant’lrd


August 2, 2014 — 8pm
1550 N Milwaukee Ave Fl3
Chicago, IL
$5-10 sugg. don.

Peter J. Woods of Milwaukee, Wisconsin performs short works that blend dark absurdist theatre and harsh noise to create a wholly engaging and subliminal disturbing universe from minimal but stark sound, lighting and costuming. On this tour, Woods will be presenting two new works: “Comedy,” a dark absurdist farce which will appear on next years “Impure Gold, pt. II” LP and “SHADE,” a brand new performance that explores the unintentionally destructive nature of activist and political art created by members of the oppressive class.

curtains will be playing all the songs you love and will have tapes and buttons available. rae whitlock will be projecting her incredible visuals as well as selling buttons and zines.

Instinct Control — The connection between the individual and technology always takes time to develop into an accessible living relationship. As humanity welcomes technology into its everyday life it first utilizes, then feels comforted by, and then is consumed.

Justin Marc Lloyd — psychedelia, hypnosis, and meditation. nuance and catharsis. abstracted flirtation with both angular and blanket-like texture. “downer freakout.” channeling the energy that fuels catharsis, and expressing it through avant-garde, fluxus-inspired  electronic & electro-acoustic compositions using tape loops, found objects, electronics, turntables, synth, guitar, vocals…a palette only limited to the voice heard inside, translated into vibrations we can experience.

ant’lrd — music gear + colin blanton. located in chicago

$5-10 suggested donation Tritriangle 1550 N Milwaukee Ave Fl3 Chicago, IL 60622

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