post doom romance, Drekka, Allen Moore

An evening of ritual, ambient, deep listening, experimental, musique concrete, sonic trances provided by POST DOOM ROMANCE, DREKKA, and ALLEN MOORE.

∆∆∆ // post doom romance //
DADA-esque assemblages of sound and image passed back and forth like love letters. post doom romance is Seah and Mykel Boyd.

∆∆∆ // Drekka //
Bloomington, IN – Working under the name DREKKA since 1996, composer Michael Anderson has toured, traveled, and collaborated extensively, collecting memories and building a personalized archive of sound that dates back to the mid-1980’s. His music and performance touch on themes of silence, dreams and memory; though rather than obscuring his identity, as can often be the effect of experimental music, DREKKA offers a direct insight into Anderson’s working mind and his tenuous cache of recollections. The personal and the delicate are not obfuscated by poetic abstractions, but on vivid display. While the notions of the “haunting”, “etherial” and “hypnogogic” are easy recourse in describing ambient music and art, DREKKA unequivocally occupies and deals in those dark spaces which comprise the ephemeral province of memory and dreams, the real ghosts of time and sound.

∆∆∆ // Allen Moore //
Chicago – Allen Moore is a Black American interdisciplinary artist, Experimental sound artist, educator and curator born and raised in Village of Robbins IL. His sound work is a social allegory, conversing with symbols and institutions conducive to the constructs of race, social class and personal introspection.

Friday, March 10, 2023
8:00p doors, 8:30p start
$10 suggested donation

1550 N Milwaukee Ave Fl3
Chicago, IL 60622

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