Sex, the Internet, and the Fantasy of Being Loved


I organized this show because I can’t stop falling in love. Sex, Fantasy, and the Internet are forever linked to how I experience love. I’m just out here trying to figure out what the hell I’m doing or who I’m doing. Maybe this show will help me figure it out. I hope y’all can come to this show and fall in love or at least find your fantasy.

This will be a night of performances, art, videos, and stories. Its also my birthday but that doesn’t matter much.
~ hank

~ 5 dollar suggested donation for the artists and the space ~

Performances from:

Videos by:

Art by:

Stories from:

A little about the lovely people involved:

Miles Preston-Clark is a Black artist making Black art for and about Black people. –

Melissa Hespelt is a spoiled little bitch from New Jersey who is currently studying at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). She’s an artist, performer, drag babe, and a bitch.

Suzy is a sensation currently touring in Chicago, Illinois. She can be reached at 773-682-8667.

Paula Pinho Martins Nacif is a Brazilian­_Portuguese gURL, #artist,#organizer and #researcher living in London, UK. In #2016 she is thinking about #memes && #money, && life as a gURL on the WWWeb: how does she move, how is she touched, how is her body uploaded and disseminated in the Clouds, and put back together in pieces after she travels through the ether(net)? –

Isabelle Francis McGuire:
You step into the theater. You are at an artist’s talk at some institution for some big name art bro, and it’s time for the Q&A. Fed up with the undertones of misogyny and an unbecoming lack of awareness from the artist, you raise your hand. Someone gives you a microphone, and you ask him some HARD PRESSING questions. The two of you argue while the audience of bored students goes on Instagram. You finally say over the mic, “The power dynamic in Q&A format really isn’t my cup of tea… Let’s talk after.” He says, “Fine.” You meet up at a coffee shop and fight HARD. He never falters or gives up. He always thinks he’s right. He says things along the lines of, “I understand what you mean, but you’re really not getting the point.” And “Okay but I can use anyone’s image if they put it on the internet.” You’re so stressed, but you invite him to your house anyway. He enters and sees that you have a dog kennel but no dog… He says, “Is that for you you fucking bitch?” You nod and say, “Yes sir.”

Parker Bright is an interdisciplinary artist from Chicago, IL. He received his BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2015. His work examines a post 9/11 world full of distractions and uses his experiences as a launching pad to explore fictions and faux realities of White American culture. His subject matter often reflects on past experiences as a gay and black youth in the suburbs of the Midwest subject to tokenism, othering, shaming, and the world. Bright’s work employs humor, sarcasm, tragedy, and fictions that speak to the current state of American culture. Images and experiences from Bright’s life are used to create objects that grapple with the pressures of contemporary America.

Hank Jordan is an arts organizer and writer operating out of chicago il. His main interests are boys and making sure everything runs smoothly. her work has been seen/heard/talked about in places like tritriangle, Iridium, Anatomy/Gift/Association, HER Environment, his friends’ apartments, Jon Cate’s facebook, 2nd Floor Rear, Maybe Sunday, & bad at sports. –

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