J. Soliday
A. Saunders(Hypertrophy+Bastard Noise)
Onur Żłobnicki(Żłob Modular)
Instinct Control

 Live Visuals by

Masks and proof of vax required.

This is our first show back in the space!
It’s our home, please be respectful.

Saturday, March 5, 2022
8:30p doors, 9:00 start
$10 sugg.don.

1550 N Milwaukee Ave Fl3
Chicago, IL 60622

∆∆∆ J. Soliday ( / is an electronic musician. A member of neural goldberg, Cleav’d Cleaver, xTAL fSCK, LORD MUTE, and various ad-hoc ensembles to numerous to mention. He can usually be found traversing the boundaries between free improvisation, concrete composition, and aleatoric noise.

∆∆∆ Anthony Saunders ( obsessed with sound
member of:
E.I.D. (1996-2017)
Dataclast (99-04)
Bastard Noise (2014-)
Hypertrophy (2019-)

∆∆∆ Keven Michael-Onur Kalaycıoğlu-Żłobnicki’s ( compositions for modular synthesizer are structured within complex Quantum Entangled systems where Indeterminacy and Nonlinearity become favored as compositional and improvisational tools. Pieces are influenced by contrasting fluctuations of Harsh Noise, Drone, Musique Concrete, Algorithmic Composition, and Found Sound Manipulation violently coalescing into a primordial soup of distorted and dynamic orchestral inspired movements. Keven is the founder and designer of the, Chicago based, Eurorack modular synthesizer company, Żłob Modular.

∆∆∆ Instinct Control ( / Instinct Control is a project of Ryan ⊥ Dunn primarily utilizing the unintended, soul-salvage of planned obsolescence through direct physical contact with the circuitry of tape players. Instinct Control considers instrumentality, expectations and the musician’s gesture—resisting the implied philosophies of settings, knobs, planned instruments, reveling in chance and dialogue, performing sound with an object that is fickle to changes in environment and performer.

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