three words, three movements, three sounds


Tritriangle presents three performances utilizing everyday materials to enact relationships and create softly presented sound environments, spaces, and movements by Mitsu Salmon & Alyssa Moxley & Clemens Klinkert, Troy Schafer & Lisa Stertz & Keijaun Thomas, and Natalia Nicholson.

Doors at 8:30, Performances begin at 9:00.
1550 N Milwaukee Ave Fl3
Chicago, IL 60622
$5 Suggested Donation

Si si shi
Mitsu Salmon & Alyssa Moxley & Clemens Klinkert

Experimentation with voice
soft sounds of paper and whispering
movement producing sound
minor melodies subtle beats
and noise.

Your Body Sounds Like My Movement
Troy Schafer & Lisa Stertz & Keijaun Thomas

This experiment seeks to explore the production of sound through performative bodies.

Two bodies move and work in a common space with given materials. The symbiosis of material and body creates sound. We listen. Sound creates sound. Movement creates movement. We respond and resonate in space. Additionally a third body moves through the space capturing sound, records and thus responds and resonates differently. He resonates through the amplification of the recordings, the reiterations of sound.

Little Turtle Who Wanted to Fly
Natalia Nicholson

Nicholson uses the dinner table as a site for a traditional storytelling.  A table setting, including two plates, two bowls, silverware, two glasses and a napkin are transformed into puppets and performative objects, as the performer narrates the story of Little Turtle.  The story diverges from traditional modes by interweaving accounts of trans experience, comedy and sound art.

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