Torches Mauve, Adams/Maerbach, Battalion of Cloudships, Instinct Control

∆ Torches Mauve ( is the free-jazz/free improvisation duo of Seth Andrew Davis on electric guitar, laptop/electronics and Evan Verploegh on drums and percussion. Torches Mauve combines elements of free-jazz, non-idiomatic free improvisation, electro-acoustic techniques, noise, and groove based music. Davis & Verploegh released their first record Hunter on Lurker Bias in spring 2022. The duo will be releasing their self-titled follow up in February 2023. Davis & Verploegh are the co-founders of the Extemporaneous Music & Arts Society (EMAS) a Kansas City based improvised and experimental arts collective.

∆ alexander adams / alexander maerbach. 
free-skronk pillowfight. members of peeves, galaxxu, memory dregs draw on their shared experience to draw out sounds for sharing. with secret special guest
∆ battalion of cloudships. 
multidisciplinary ambient sound collage performance art project from erie, penn. celebrating new tape on lurker bias.

∆ Instinct Control ( / is a project of Ryan ⊥ Dunn primarily utilizing the unintended, soul-salvage of planned obsolescence through direct physical contact with the circuitry of tape players. Instinct Control considers instrumentality, expectations and the musician’s gesture—resisting the implied philosophies of settings, knobs, planned instruments, reveling in chance and dialogue, performing sound with an object which is fickle to changes in environment and performer.

Masks required. Please stay home if you’re sick.
This is our home, please be respectful.

Friday, February 24, 2023
8:00p doors, 8:30p start
$10 suggested donation

1550 N Milwaukee Ave Fl3
Chicago, IL 60622

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