Tritriangle at MdW Fair

Tritriangle is proud to be presenting these artists/works at MdWFair, September 9-11. You can visit us on the 4th floor of Mana Contemporary (2233 S Throop, Chicago, IL) during the following times:

Friday, 5p – 8p / Saturday, 12p – 9p / Sunday, 1p – 5p

16-Channel Sound Installation

nowhere is an algorithmic sound installation presented in 16 channels on Tritriangle’s Hypercube Stereo System. Using simple mathematical expressions, harmonies are continually generated in real time, with each voice assigned to its own speaker.


Daniel Temkin
Internet Directory
looseleaf canvas book and durational reading

Internet Directory is loose-leaf book of poster-size pages, listing each of the 115 million .com domains as they existed in early 2014 when the project began. Each reading starts at a random place in the alphabetical listing, running through what feels like an exhaustive list of the commercial potential for a word, until that word reaches semantic satiation.


Nathanael Jones
Études for Synthesizer
text, audio, roving performance
41:01 minutes

Nathanael Jones is an Afro-Caribbean Canadian writer and artist born in Montreal and currently based in Chicago, USA. His practice is interested in probing the spaces between poetry, performance, installation, and experimental music in order to draw attention to the structures and systems which make up our world.


conduits of the hydrosphere
a/v compositions

“Fluvial Traces” follows rivers using feet, bike, or paddleboat and has included the Mae Nam Ping in Chiang Mai, Thailand, the Detroit River, and a river in Saas-Fee, Switzerland. The larger arc of “Water Tracings” includes various waterways in San Francisco/Oakland, Venice, Italy, and the Finnish Archipelago.


Nathan Koch
Undulating Plain
A/V generative installation built in Unity3D and PureData

Nathan Koch is an artist, designer, and electronic musician employing generative and procedural techniques in media. He works in simulation, animation, digital image, and sound.


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