We’re celebrating with installations and performances by a lot of old friends, and new ones, on October 24. Participants include:

Arcane Bolt vs. Vaudeo Signal
Screen & Projector
Hannah Piper Burns
Jeff Kolar
Andy Ortmann
Heather McShane
Miguel Baptista Benedict
Emily Kuehn
Catie Olson

Saturday, Oct 24 8pm
$10 suggested donation

1550 N Milwaukee Ave Fl3
Chicago, IL 60622

Artist Info:

arcanebolt, comprised of Tamas Kemenczy, Mark Beasley & Alex Inglizian, is a video synthesizer cobbled together out of homemade electronics and microcontrollers that target old, corruptible CRT displays. We use firmware generated animations, feedback loops, keyboards and bleeding circuits to build up and tear apart video images and tease out unexpected audio/video territory from bygone computer peripherals.

Vaudeo Signal is an ongoing exploration of the interconnectivity of sound and light. Media artists and medium hackers Evan Kühl and Ben Baker-Smith repurpose a variety of aging archaic audio/video hardware to forge synesthetic experiences.

branger_briz: we’re artists, educators && programmers bent on articulating our digital landscape, creating memorable interactive projects for ourselves && our clients.

Screen and Projector is a Chicago based electronic noise duo that draws from house music, ambient, sonic scapes, drone, industrial, glitch, and the avant guard– working with synths, pedals, drum machines, samplers, poetry, and video art.

Adroitly choreographed and cleverly edited, Hannah Piper Burns’ videos are brainy but for the body. Reflecting and refracting the spells and charms of popular culture, her work is seductive and unrelenting. Fluent in the languages of pop music, dance and reality television, the works are crisp and communicative, political in their poetics and personal in their polemics. Their tautness and rhythm uphold what music videos promise and all too rarely deliver: a multisensory re-envisioning of the bodily and intellectual experience of music. Polyvocal texts read like cyborg zines, as riotous and they are rigorous in their media anthropology. And youdia anthropology. Come for Gene Kelly, leave with synchronized swimmers, batch exports, media imports and radical reorderings. For filers: fun, funny, feminist, physical, “found” footage, figuring it out. – Jesse Malmed

Jeff Kolar is a sound artist, radio producer, and curator working in Chicago, USA. His work activates sound in unconventional, temporary, and ephemeral ways using appropriation and remix as a critical practice. His solo and collaborative projects, installations, and public performances often investigate the mundane sonic nuances of everyday electronic devices.

Heather McShane is a writer and artist. Her chapbook No Home but Everywhere will be available from Meekling Press next month.

M. Baptista Benedict is a musician and producer for the Brainfeeder, Aphonia Recordings, BARO records, notitrecordings, and Skrotup labels.

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