veRmulsCHt // Derek Baron + Aaron Zarzutzki // MAOϴ


“veRmulsCHt”: a haphazard trio using video projections, field recordings, laptops, objects, saxophones, and spoken texts…most of which we collect during our trips through the universe. In putting them together, improvising with them, we deconstruct the narrative of the subjective traveler’s memory in an incongruous collage-type style that creates bizarre combinations of sound and sight.

Derek Baron is an experimental percussionist and electroacoustic musician from Chicago currently based in New York City. His solo music works with field recording, text, found objects, and signal processing. He is also a part of the improvisation collective Causings.

Aaron Zarzutzki is an improviser of various sorts. He works primarily with misuse and perversion of objects and systems. Virtuosity, volatility, futility, and capability are thought of. Zarzutzki currently lives, works, and plays in Chicago.

maoϴ –

working with spoken, prerecorded and generated language, maoϴ investigates the abstraction of touch as an arbiter of meaning through the use of languages he may not speak using a self-built palate controller: an oral retainer-based device which allows control data to be produced based on the touch of the tongue against the roof of the mouth, notably during speech production.

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