Z’EV: cinecussion (Chicago premiere)


Z’EV will be performing his cinecussion work, utilizing audio/visual projections and real time electronic percussion. This particular performance will be giving a nod to Jimi Hendrix.
also performing: Karl J. Palouček, Mykel Boyd and blake edwards and MT Coast.

Z’EV, a pioneer in the industrial experimental music field, established his name with his innovate percussion works in 1978. Using nontraditional instruments ranging from car springs to found metals and plastics, Z’EV’s percussion ran the gamut from deep bowed drones to chaotic explosions. His most recent work, cinecussion, incorporates live electronic drums accompanying audio / visual he has generated; this will be the Chicago premiere of this new direction in his work.

On Karl Paloucek’s most recent album, Sail (Latest Flame Records, LFR-45), he uses sewing machines, piano, metal pipes and rods, organ, and printing press recordings, among other items, to create beautiful deep listening compositions. For this evening, he will be performing one of the larger compositions from this album. The evening also, hopefully, will mark the release of a collaborative album between Paloucek and Z’EV, with each reworking each other’s metal percussion compositions.

Mykel Boyd and Blake Edwards combine their interest in field recordings, drones, and repurposed electronics to create intentionally unstable aural environments. This particular performance will draw heavily on run out grooves from old 10” records to set the tone.

MT Coast uses computers to explore the limits of organic and acoustic sounds by processing field recordings, acoustic instruments and by mimicking organic sounds with software.

Thursday, July 16 @ 8pm
$10 – $15 suggested donation
1550 N Milwaukee Ave Fl3
Chicago, IL


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