Z’EV // Jason Soliday // Dead Edits


Z’EV, a pioneer in the industrial experimental music field, established his name with his innovate percussion works in 1978. Using nontraditional instruments ranging from car springs to found metals and plastics, Z’EV’s percussion ran the gamut from deep bowed drones to chaotic explosions. His most recent work, cinecussion, incorporates live electronic drums accompanying audio / visual he has generated; For this performance Z’EV will be presenting a new chapter of his “cinecussion” style.

Jason Soliday is one of Chicago’s best sound artists, full stop. His deft sense of timing and ability to coax (or yank, depending…) a nearly inexhaustible and diverse palette of sounds from his devices, often hand-built, has cemented his status as Chicago’s “if you like new electronic music, you need to see this guy” artist.

Dead Edits is Eric Lunde and Blake Edwards. Using voice and intentionally damaged, modified, or misused devices, they aim to turn familiar territories into new terrains. For their debut Chicago performance, Dead Edits will present an audiovisual performance based off their Stefan Weisser (aka Z’EV…) forgery recordings in honor of this event’s headliner.

Friday, Feb 26, 2016
$5-10 suggested donation
1550 N Milwaukee Ave Fl3
Chicago, IL

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