AUDITOREIMPRESSIONS: A Workshop/*Installation*


Visiting artists Thierry Dilger ( and Françoise Anger ( make media installation and performative works connecting disparate places and cultures. They each work with context and place to reimagine remediated experiences and create new space within unexpected place, connecting possibility and recontextualization.

This Saturday, March 23rd, from 2:00-10:00PM, we are excited to present the collaborative results from the AUDITOREIMPRESSIONS workshop held during the past week — a GPS activated soundwalk and an eight channel sound installation, as well as a new solo installation by Françoise.

The GPS-activated soundwalk is a collaboration between Françoise and Chicago writer Heather McShane. Hear sounds (music, machines, conversations, and poetic phrases) through an iOS device and headphones as the sounds are triggered by walking into zones as you walk through the surrounding neighborhood. You can access it by following the directions here.

Thierry worked with Spencer Hutchinson and Laura Campuzano to create Metroscape Trainbass Station; Walkway Dream, an eight channel immersive sound installation, to give the listener the strange impression of a day dream inside a metro station. Changing surround sensations challenge real world representations through constant motion–giving new frontiers to our imagination.

The new installation by Francoise situates the viewer in a dark space aside from a shimmering light on the ceiling. Eyes adjust to see melting ice, vintage module videogames, and headphones, the latter from which can be heard a perplexing conversation…

Both installations will be on display for the entire event. Francoise and Heather will lead soundwalk groups leaving from Tritriangle at 3:00, 5:00, 7:00, and 9:00 p.m. The soundwalk can also be experienced independently. We extend our thanks to Orbe Technology ( for use of the system which makes the GPS soundwalk possible.


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