AUDITOREIMPRESSIONS: A *Workshop*/Installation


Visiting artists Thierry Dilger ( and Françoise Anger ( make media installation and performative works connecting disparate places and cultures. They each work with context and place to reimagine remediated experiences and create new space within unexpected place, connecting possibility and recontextualization.

On Sunday March 17th, Thierry and Françoise will be leading a dual workshop to collaborate on an upcoming exhibition of their work.

Thierry invites Chicagoans to bring field recordings of Chicago’s soundscape to transform and render unidentifiable to recreate the impression of a Chicago city soundscape in a multichannel installation. Using his GASPR software, workshop participants will determine the arrangement of loudspeakers and sonic transitions to create a familiar yet alien landscape within Tritriangle.

On the other hand,

Françoise invites Chicagoans to bring field recordings from other places to introduce to Chicago via a GPS Soundwalk ( Participants will explore the area surrounding Tritriangle to find locations to complicate with overlayed sounds to create an interactive generated soundwalk for participants during the installation show.

Workshops begin at noon and go until 7pm, with an hour break for lunch at 3pm.

The finished works will be installed along with a solo installation by Françoise at and around Tritriangle on March 23rd.

Workshops are limited to 15 participants for each project, and we are asking for a $10 donation. Participants are expected to bring their own computer  or audio equipment for manipulation and editing of sounds. The projects will be finalized between the workshop and the installation show and will be on display from 2-10pm, on March 23rd. Françoise will be leading group soundwalks on the 23rd at 3:00, 5:00, 7:00, and 9:00pm. The soundwalks can also be experienced independently. Due to technical limitations, an iOS device with a cellular data plan is required. It should be noted that use of GPS is potentially a large drain on one’s phone battery!

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